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The San Francisco art scene is vivacious and dynamic with a prosperous history of artistic novelty, from the Beat poets of the 1950s to the psychedelic posters of the 1960s. Today, this city is house to a blooming community of contemporary artists who work in a wide variety of media, from painting and monument to video and recital art. Overall, the San Francisco art sight is a testimony to the city's imaginative energy and cultural assortment. Taking a day trip from San-Francisco opens up an entire world of classic California experiences that are guaranteed to append zing to your trip. Head south beside the Pacific shore, or north across the Golden-Gate Bridge, and you'll find hippie havens, tech-playgrounds and busy Bay Area hubs. This is where the California daydream grew up and settled down after the Summer of Love – it's the ideal add-on after exploring San Francisco's beaches and landmark sights.

You can probe into digital history in Silicon Valley, or zip over to Sonoma to open a bottle of bouncy with a saber, have the meal of your life off a jetsam log, or meet the budding talent after farm-to-spliff dispensaries. Over in the East Bay, the city of Berkeley sparked California's locavore movement and, thanks to its long-established university, it continues to be at the front position of environmental and left-leaning biased causes. Touted as the leading computer exhibition in the world, the Computer History Museum has rotating exhibits drawn from a compilation of over 100,000 items. Artifacts contain early Cray-1 supercomputers, a Babbage distinction engine (a Victorian-era automatic computing engine) and the first Google server. At the impressive Apple Park Visitor Center, hardcore fans can play with all the newest Apple tech, take short classes led by the resident Geniuses, practically discover the space-age Apple Park via iPad.

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