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From the packed souk markets to the conventional Moroccan hammam spas, this capital is a luxury for all the senses. Bahia Palace and the Dar Si Said are a rebellion of tilework and intricate floral painted-wood ceilings, the Saadian Tombs are enriched by a lavish bounty of marble, whilst the Musée de Mouassine and Musée de Marrakech are a showcase of swirling stucco and carved-wood design. And if you decide to bed for a night in a riad, you will be capable to sleep amid some of this splendor too. Marrakesh is a city steeped in antique artistry that continues to flourish, kept alive by the contemporary craftspeople of the souqs and the modern art and design sight of the Ville Nouvelle.

You’ll recognize how religion permeates the rhythms of daily life when you listen to the loud call to plea echo out from the mosques. As an old regal capital, Marrakesh is abode to some stunning instances of Islamic architecture, most remarkably the Ali Ben Youssef Medersa and the Koutoubia minaret. The city also holds on to a legacy of the other sacred communities that once helped it become a vivacious caravan town. Head to the older Jewish region of the mellah to stopover the Lazama Synagogue and Miaara Jewish cemetery to add a greater appreciative of Marrakesh's multinational past. Whether you desire to zing up your pantry with North African flavors or purchase a carpet to append Moroccan-wow to your house, Marrakesh is one of the best shopping destinations in the world. Think of the medina's souqs as a shopping mall, dotted with shops, lodging, museums and historic sites, but laid out as per a labyrinthine medieval-era plan. Reveal the heart of travel and be inspired to observe new sights with one of Lonely Planet’s in-depth, award-winning guidebooks.

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